Hi, I'm Mike Vono. I've been a professional Graphic Designer since 2009. My professional work to this date has been focused in grocery advertising, so you'll notice that theme in my work.  I'm looking to branch out and use my design skills in new ways.  I'm also very excited to learn new software and processes.

I enjoy spending time with my family, hiking and playing games. I've recently been getting into going to the gym on a regular basis- which is something I'd never have imagined myself saying! I love to read books and comics of many genres. I enjoy listening to comedy and informative Podcasts. I also love to draw. I've been a doodler all my life and I produce a lot of for-fun Illustration work.

I'm married and we have two children. My family is my center. Recently we've undertaken the absolutely wild decision of relocating to the Oregon Coast.

For more information, you can download my resume here.